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As a specialist video production company, our metier is firmly rooted in the performing arts. As such, we’ve developed a camera style and editing technique to suit the disciplines of choreography, ensuring that the flow and energy of each piece are faithfully recorded. We see our work as a continuation of the choreographic process and, by paying close attention to all aspects of the performance, we can guarantee that your mise-en-scene is reproduced on-screen just as you intended.
We attend rehearsals, we study and familiarise ourselves with each routine, and liaise with theatre crew on all technical aspects. During the edit process we ‘lock into’ the rhythm and tempo of each piece, presenting the action, choreography and music to their best effect. Stereo audio is independently recorded, edited and encoded to Dolby digital standards. To complete the production we can provide a closing cast list or our trademark rolling credits and backstage montage.
Please browse through our sample video clips. Each one has been carefully selected to showcase our multi-camera production standards. Additionally, you can view other recent Video excerpts by going to the ’Current Projects’ section.

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